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Introducing the DSLcollection & ANASAEA Partnership:

Revolutionizing Art Display and Accessibility: Join us on a journey as we build the DSL 'Lighthouse' Museum's Immersive 3D and VR Experience

This groundbreaking project aims to create the world’s most modern online 3D and VR museum showcasing one of the most significant Chinese art collections outside of China.

Globally renowned DSLcollection, a family collection founded in 2005 by Sylvain Levy and Dominique Levy, features over 350 art pieces created by 200 influential contemporary Chinese artists. Many objects are intricate or massive, making it nearly impossible to display them in a single physical space.

This collection is distinguished not only by its breadth of work, including artists like Gao Weigang, Jia Aili, and significant pieces like Big Buddha by Zhang Huan, but also by Sylvain, Dominique’s, and their daughters Karen’s personal connections with the art and artists.

The first space is already live, featuring a stunning 15x6m painting displayed in a bespoke museum-quality space and video. This initial project has received glowing reviews from essential collectors and museums and can be seen below. Artist: ‘Jia Aili, We are the Century.’

ANASAEA is digitizing this collection in 3D and VR to create the DSL ‘Lighthouse’ Museum. This project will house these exquisite pieces in the highest possible quality, ensuring compatibility across display platforms and democratizing access to these otherwise hard-to-reach works of art.
ANASAEA is available online in 3D, in VR on Meta (and is Apple Vision ready), and as a mobile app.

This project aims to push the boundaries of technology, revolutionizing the display and consumption of art in a more immersive way. We aim to create beautiful spaces and recreate the objects in their original 3D. This allows you to experience the art from any angle, regardless of its size or complexity, utilizing light and space, modern communication tools, and even AI.

The DSLcollection is well-acquainted with digital spaces, having been a pioneer in this realm. Their journey began in 2011 when they first utilized the iPad, followed by creating a museum on Second Life in 2012. In 2016, they ventured into the realm of VR museums. Having explored Second Life, VR, video gaming, and social networks, it was only natural for them to set their sights on the Metaverse in 2021.

In the words of Sylvian Levy, ‘We opted for ANASAEA as our partner for our groundbreaking metaverse lighthouse project, drawn by its exceptional user-friendliness that empowers everyone to effortlessly curate their own space.’ ANASAEA’s versatility seamlessly harmonizes with various 3D viewing options on Mobile, iPad, Web, and VR, automating the user experience and setting the stage for immersive journeys. The platform’s social integration, facilitated by avatars, cultivates a vibrant community spirit, while the ease of crafting personalized avatars adds to its allure. With ANASAEA effortlessly knitting together diverse spaces, it emerges as the perfect companion for our ambitious venture, creating limitless connections and boundless opportunities.”

´More information about this revolutionary project will be shared in the coming months, but we are already laying the foundations for its implementation.

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