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ANASAEA is a revolutionary online art platform that brings the digital and physical art worlds together. Our platform offers artists the opportunity to showcase their artwork in original 3D, providing an immersive and transformative art experience for collectors and art enthusiasts.

Are you an artist? Don’t hesitate to apply here. We carefully review and respond to all applications. 

Are you a art lover and collector? Explore our vast collection of unique and captivating artworks from talented artists around the world. From traditional paintings to contemporary sculptures, ANASAEA offers a diverse range of art pieces to suit every taste and style. Join our platform and discover extraordinary works of art that will enrich your collection. 

Yes, ANASAEA welcomes both digital and physical artworks. Our platform allows artists to showcase a wide range of artistic mediums, including paintings, sculptures (very soon), digital art, and more. Artists can provide the necessary details and options for both types of artworks.

For Artists

ANASAEA provides a range of informative video tutorials that guide you through the process of registering, setting up an artist profile, uploading artworks, and creating a gallery. We highly recommend visiting our YouTube channel to access these videos, which will assist you in creating an optimal ANASAEA Profile and Gallery.

Kindly note that in order for us to feature your gallery, it is essential to have both a created gallery and uploaded artworks within that gallery.

ANASAEA welcomes artists from around the world to join our platform. We seek to discover established artists in their respective countries, ensuring a diverse, international, and high-quality selection for our audience. 

Are you an artist? Don’t hesitate to apply here. We carefully review and respond to all applications.

To showcase your artwork on ANASAEA, you can create an artist account by registering on our platform. Once registered, you can upload high-quality images of your artwork, provide relevant details such as title, medium, dimensions, and pricing, and curate your own 3D gallery.

We support several picture formats: .jpg .jpeg .png. We recommend downloading pictures in high quality. In order to improve the performance of the platform, we save uploaded paintings in several formats with a maximum height of up to 7680 pixels, which is available to users of the platform in the picture viewing mode.

As an artist on ANASAEA, you have control over managing the shipping process for your sold artwork. When a buyer purchases your artwork, you will receive their shipping details. It is your responsibility to arrange the shipping and ensure that the artwork is properly packaged and sent to the buyer. We recommend using reliable shipping services with tracking options.

ANASAEA acts as a trusted intermediary for art transactions, ensuring a secure and reliable process for collectors and artists. When a collector purchases artwork, they transfer the payment to ANASAEA’s account. We then facilitate the transfer of funds to the artist. This method provides a safe and efficient way to handle transactions.

ANASAEA is dedicated to maintaining the integrity and safety of payment processes. By providing a secure platform, we strive to create a trustworthy environment for collectors and artists, enabling them to engage in transactions with confidence. Our aim is to facilitate seamless and reliable payment experiences that contribute to a positive art buying and selling journey.

ANASAEA provides buyers with a 14-day window, starting from artwork delivery, to exercise their right of withdrawal. This allows buyers to cancel their purchase without charges or reasons, except for customized artworks. If eligible, buyers can inform ANASAEA via email, and refunds will be processed within 14 days. Please note that damaged or soiled artworks may not be eligible for return or refund.

Collectors can return artworks within 14 days of delivery. The artwork must be in its original condition. Contact ANASAEA’s customer support for return instructions and eligibility. Refunds will be processed accordingly.

ANASAEA offers artists the opportunity to reach a global audience of art collectors and enthusiasts. The platform aims to democratize the art world and provide artists with visibility and exposure. With features like 3D gallery showcases, integration with VR technology, AI chat assistants, social sharing tools, and marketing tools, ANASAEA seeks to enhance the online art selling experience and provide innovative ways for artists to engage with their audience.

ANASAEA offers various membership options for artists, allowing them to choose the plan that best suits their needs. Membership options may include free plans with a commission on sales, premium plans with additional features, or curated packages available by invitation or application. For detailed information on membership options and fees, please refer to the ANASAEA website here, or contact their support team.

ANASAEA employs various marketing strategies to promote artists and their artworks. This includes featuring selected artists on the platform’s homepage, social media promotion, artist spotlights, and collaborations with art influencers and industry professionals.

Yes, ANASAEA provides the option to embed your 3D gallery directly into your own website. This allows you to seamlessly integrate your ANASAEA gallery with your existing website, providing visitors with a cohesive and immersive art viewing experience.

ANASAEA offers easy-to-use tools and instructions for embedding your 3D gallery. Simply follow the provided guidelines and copy the embed code provided by ANASAEA. Then, paste the code into the appropriate section of your website’s HTML or content management system (CMS). This will display your ANASAEA gallery within your own website, allowing visitors to explore your artwork without leaving your site.

Once registered on ANASAEA you will get more information about showcasing the ANASAEA 3D gallery on your website. 

Yes, ANASAEA offers the ability to mint your artwork as an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) with just one click. By minting your artwork on the ANASAEA platform, you can create a unique digital certificate of ownership and authenticity for your artwork.

Minting your artwork as an NFT on ANASAEA provides several benefits. It establishes a verifiable proof of ownership and authenticity, ensuring the uniqueness and provenance of your artwork in the digital realm. Additionally, minting your artwork as an NFT opens up possibilities for secondary market sales and the potential for earning royalties when your artwork is resold.

For Collectors

To purchase artwork on ANASAEA, you can browse through the curated 3D galleries or use the search function to find specific artists or artworks. 

Currently, ANASAEA facilitates payment for artwork purchases via wire transfer. Once you have selected and contacted an artist for your desired artwork, they will provide you with the necessary payment details for the wire transfer. Please ensure that you have a secure and reliable method for initiating wire transfers.

ANASAEA is committed to maintaining the integrity and safety of our payment processes. By acting as a trusted intermediary, we provide a secure platform for collectors and artists. Your payment is transferred directly to ANASAEA’s account, and we facilitate the transfer of funds to the artist. This ensures a safe and efficient handling of transactions.

Absolutely. ANASAEA is dedicated to creating a trustworthy environment for collectors and artists. We prioritize the security and transparency of transactions, allowing you to buy artwork with confidence. Our goal is to provide a seamless and reliable art buying experience, backed by our commitment to maintaining integrity and safety throughout the process.

Yes, all artworks available for sale on ANASAEA come with an artist-signed certificate of authenticity. We place great importance on the authenticity of the artworks and ensure that they are accompanied by a certificate that verifies their genuineness. Additionally, artworks sold in limited editions, such as photographs or prints, are also signed and numbered by the artist. This guarantees that you are acquiring a genuine and high-quality artwork.

The return or exchange policy for artwork purchased on ANASAEA is determined by the individual artist. Before completing a purchase, it is advisable to communicate with the artist to clarify their specific return policy. It is essential to review and agree upon any return or exchange terms with the artist prior to finalizing the purchase.

Collectors can return artworks within 14 days of delivery. The artwork must be in its original condition. Contact ANASAEA’s customer support for return instructions and eligibility. Refunds will be processed accordingly.

Yes, of course. You can cancel your order before the artwork is shipped. To request a cancellation, please send us an email with your order details. If the artwork has already been shipped, you can exercise your right to return the artwork within 14 days of receiving it. In the event that the artwork has been shipped, we will refund your payment once the artwork is safely returned to the artist in its original condition.