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ANASAEA is the place where your art comes alive

ANASAEA is a platform that celebrates the creative potential of artists by providing them with a unique canvas to showcase their work. Using 3D models and immersive experiences, ANASAEA enables artists to explore new possibilities and re-create their art from a picture back into the real thing. This platform serves as a bridge between the traditional art world and the digital era. Whether traditional sales, new display capabilities, or even utilizing blockchain technology, ANASAEA strives to bring value to the artist. By doing so, ANASAEA is helping to give artists the recognition and appreciation they deserve for their hard work and talent.

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How it works

Upload your Artwork

To showcase your art on ANASAEA, you need to first upload your artwork to the platform

Choose your Space

Then, choose a virtual space to place your art within. Chosse a gallery or choose our beautiful home-spaces

Create your Gallery

Finally, use ANASAEA’s tools to create your 3D gallery in a simple and easy way

Zoom, tilt, rotate, and pan

ANASAEA offers zoom, tilt, and rotate functions that allow users to explore and view their artwork from different angles and perspectives. These features provide an immersive and detailed experience for viewers, allowing them to appreciate the intricacies of each art piece.

Add light to see details and structure

ANASAEA's "add light" function enhances the visibility of details and structures in art pieces, providing a more nuanced and engaging experience for viewers. This feature allows users to appreciate the finer details and intricacies of each art piece.

Share your gallery and your artists profile

ANASAEA allows users to share their galleries and individual art pieces through various social media platforms, email, increasing their visibility and reach OR place your gallery directly on your own website. This makes it easier for artists to share their work with a wider audience and connect with potential buyers or collaborators

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