Each letter of ANASAEA stands for one of the 7 contientes of the world

Democratization of art is our Mission

We at ANASAEA have a mission to help artists, collectors and galleries, and museums to use the power of digitalization to create even more beauty.

Our findings:

The majority of art sits in storage, never to be seen, much to the disappointment of the content creators, up to 70% in galleries, up to 99% in museums. This can be easily changed with digitalization, 3D, VR and digital twins. 

Art fairs, attract many visitors, and generate a lot of money for the art fair, but most art is not for sale, it is pre sold and regulated and only a few galleries are even allowed to sell.

Artists who do not sit in major art hubs (Paris, NY, London) are often ignored simply because of physical location. This is not limited to the art scene, this is just a fact of life.

Artists often do no know their rights and are taken advantage of by signing contracts which limit their freedoms and do on protect their interests – the music industry has changed with Spotify but it can still do better.

Smart contracts and web3 can help artists to participate in the life cycle of their art. Yet 95% do not know their rights and how to use their copy rights.

Art is not democratiesed, often simply not shown, has opaque business practices, mostly not in favor of the artist. This has to change. 

We at ANASAEA – The Artverse want to help galleries, artists, collectors and artlovers.

About Us

We’ve come together as a team of fine art curators, entrepreneurs, leading technology developers, story tellers and art lovers to create the ARTVERSE.


With a commitment to see the art world embrace the best that technology can bring, we are passionate about enriching the way art is presented, shared, transacted and protected.