ANASAEA App available in Google and Apple Store

Your Artworks - Your Art Spaces

Digital spaces for physical and digital art


ANASAEA App available in Google and Apple Store

Immersive Artspaces for Artists,
Galleries and Collectors

Join us in creating a new standard for art spaces.

ANASAEA offers

We providing a virtual Art experience, both
immersive & interactive

  • purpose-built 3D art spaces where artists, creators, and galleries can present their work

  • with integrated communication tools with both, video and chat function to chat with your audience

  • buy and sell art, without the boundaries of geography, opening hours, or other limitations – your artistic freedom is a click away

We provide a new way for Artists, Galleries and Collectors to engage with the Artworld


Seamless Gallery Self-Management

Host multiple exhibitions simultaneously

Create MAIN and SUB-galleries or events


Grow Physical Art Sales

Show more artworks and expand gallery space economically.

Have all of your artworks on display digitally 24/7.


Discover Digital Art Sales

Increase sales and re-sale revenue from digitale art sales in the secondary market via smart contracts.

Mint your artwork (optional)


Modern Viewing Experience

Engage collectors and art lovers to stay longer in your exhibition with immersive 3D content

Zoom, tilt, pan or add light to reveal the true 3D art piece


Reach Global Audience

Get access to new art collectors and new markets and new time zones!


Marketing And PR And Community

ANASAEA provides marketing/ PR to expose your collections to new customers.

Be a part of our engaged art community.


Art Meets Technology: A Journey to the Frontier of showcasing and experience art

Discover the Intersection of Art and Web3 Technology: A Thrilling New Frontier to showcase art in a 3 dimensional way.

Join us on a journey to explore the exciting world of art, web3 and technology. 

Immerse yourself in a vibrant community of creatives, technologists, and visionaries who are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the art world. 

Get ready to inspire and learn how you can be a part of this groundbreaking movement.

Our Mission

We aim to democratize the art marekt

Each letter of ANASAEA stands for one of the 7 continents of the world and is in line with our goal of globalization and democratization of the art world.

Meet – Share – Create in the Artverse.

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For Galleries

It’s the chance to operate a multiple galleries (Main- and Sub-Galleries), in high resolution 3D, accessible 365-days a year, without the financial overheads associated with a physical gallery: extend your gallery wall space, allowing you to exhibit more of the artists, and reaching out to a global audience.

For Artists

Create your own 3D showroom, host your own exhibitions – display your art and engage with art lovers and collectors from all over the world.

Display as many art pieces as you want without the limitation of physical space. 

Maximize your visibility by easy sharing your showroom or exhibition – connect and engage worldwide: with one click

Bring collectors directly to your showroom and chat with them with live-chat 

For Collectors

ANASAEA provides more access, more choice, more convenient ways to engage with galleries, artists and art. 

Discover art from all over the world in high resolution without the need to travel – create your own collector showroom 


it broadens art horizons by giving greater access to the world’s art, a more sustainable way to present and transact art.

Art without Borders - available for all Art-Lovers, in all places, at all times

Explore with us

ANASAEA aims to democratize the art world and connects you to the broadest possible audiences

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