ANASAEA is committed to art democratization, and we will always have a free-of-charge package with no obligation to sell. The below packages reflect that commitment and give additional choices to artists whose Art is their livelihood.


Free Membership

Democratization Package

All artists, professional or aspiring, are welcome. Our selection process may take time and is not guaranteed to be curated.


If you want to trade on  ANASAEA, a 35% commission on the sale will apply.



Digitalization Package

We recognize that art is your passion. Selection is guaranteed.  Your monthly fee  is $9.99. In case of sale a reduced rate of 30% will be applied.


Cancel at any time




You have bridged the physical-virtual art world. Selection is guaranteed. Your will monthly fee  is $29.95 a reduced commission of 25% will be applied to the sale


ANASAEA Selection

Unlock all features: As a high-professional artist, you will gain access to our full suite of features, enabling you to showcase your artwork without limitations and explore the possibilities of our platform.

You will benefit from all the tools and functions that ANASAEA offers. 35% commission will be applied to the sale of artworks. Please note that this exclusive access is available by invitation only.

You can apply here: 


Gallery and Education packages are available upon request. Bespoke Gallery or Museums Digital Twin Packages are also available upon request.

What does anasaea offer me

Features & Benefits

Here's an overview of what you can expect with the basic and premium versions of our platform:

Free Membership

Web and Mobile Access

Access the platform through our 3D phone app + on the web​

Free Membership

Create your Gallery

Every user, will have the opportunity to create their own gallery for personal use

Free Membership

Use our AI tools

Every user will be able accessing Frida, our AI art educator

Free Membership

Mint your Art

Every user will have the opportunity to mint their own art pieces and put them on the blockchain

Free Membership

Utilize social sharing tools​

Access the platform through our 3D phone app + on the web​


Embed your 3D gallery in your website

Embed your fully functional 3D gallery directly into your website, and showcase your portfolio in an immersive and captivating way.


Use 5 of our pre-made premium 3D galleries, and 2 online simultaneously​

Choose the best and most exciting way to showcase your artwork 


Upload and Manage as many artpieces as you like

You can confidently display your full range of work to your audience

Advanced Artist

Leverage all our premium pre-made 3D galleries, with unlimited simultaneous online display.

Showcase your entire portfolio and express your creativity without limitations.

Advanced Artist

Access user analytics overview​

Track visitors: Identify interested artists, collectors, and art lovers who visit your gallery. Connect for collaborations, discussions, and networking opportunities.

Advanced Artist

Automatically replicate all of your galleries to VR​

Experience lifelike art exhibitions in VR. Navigate and connect with artwork as if physically present.

Understand Price Packages of ANASAEA

Choose Your Perfect Price Package

ANASAEA offers a range of price packages to suit different artists' goals and budgets.
We have the following options available:

This package allows you to join ANASAEA for free and start showcasing your artwork. However, a commission of 35% will be deducted from your sales.

With this package, you receive additional benefits such as enhanced promotion and marketing features. The commission on your sales is reduced to 30%.

This package offers even more benefits, including priority support and increased visibility for your artwork. The commission rate is further reduced to 30%.

This comprehensive package is designed for established artists looking to expand their reach. You have full control over curating and managing your own gallery. The commission on your sales is only 25%.

When choosing a price package, consider your current art career stage, budget, and goals. If you’re just starting out, the Free Membership package can be a great option to get your artwork seen. If you’re looking for more features and benefits, consider upgrading to one of the paid packages based on your needs and budget.

To sign up for a price package, visit our Pricing Page on the ANASAEA website. There, you can compare the features and commissions associated with each package. Once you’ve selected the right package for you, follow the registration process to join ANASAEA and start showcasing your artwork.

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your price package at any time. Simply contact our support team, and they will assist you with the process.

If you switch to a higher-priced package, your commission rate will be adjusted accordingly based on the new package’s terms. If you switch to a lower-priced package, your commission rate will be updated to reflect the new package’s terms.

No, there are no additional fees apart from the commission specified in each price package. ANASAEA aims to provide transparent pricing without any hidden charges.

Yes, you can cancel your ANASAEA membership at any time. However, please note that certain price packages may have cancellation restrictions. Review the terms and conditions associated with your chosen package for more information.

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