Introducing Artist of the Day: Scott McIntire

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Hi all the art lovers! We are excited to start a “Featured Artist of the Day” category on our ANASAEA blog!


Today, we delve into the vibrant world of Scott McIntire, an American painter whose dynamic work is currently electrifying the art scene from his base in Greenport, NY. McIntire’s canvases are a symphony of energy, a visual representation of the invisible forces that envelop us. He captures what the naked eye cannot see – the pulsating radio waves, the dance of cellular transmissions, the whispers of sound, and the waltz of microbes in the environment.


The paintings themselves are a kaleidoscope of color, each a meticulous arrangement of concentric circles and radiant hues that buzz with an almost audible frequency. The colors are not just seen; they are felt. They ripple across the canvas, suggesting movement and resonance. In one piece, rings of color cascade outwards like ripples in a pond, while in another, a neon hoop floats serenely in a cosmic sea of dark hues speckled with light, suggesting the perpetual motion of life at the microscopic level.


Visit his 3D Exhibition


McIntire’s work is a testament to the unseen beauty that surrounds us, a reminder of the complex interplay between all forms of life and the energies they emit. His recent accolade, the International Prize Donatello awarded in Florence, Italy, is a nod to his mastery in translating these intangible energies into tangible art.



Each piece by McIntire doesn’t just hang on the wall; it pulsates, breathes, and interacts with the environment, drawing viewers into a world previously unimagined. To stand before a McIntire is to stand at the intersection of art and science, of visibility and invisibility. His paintings beckon us to consider the deeper connections that bind the universe together, to listen to the silent music played by the very atoms that constitute existence.


Scott McIntire is more than an artist; he is a visual philosopher, a conductor of the orchestra of the unseen. His paintings are an invitation to journey into the vibrant landscape of energy that is both within us and around us. They are not just to be viewed; they are to be experienced.


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