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Empowering Student Artists: Sakarya University and ANASAEA Join Forces to Foster Talent and Access
to International Opportunities

A Collaboration to Illuminate New Horizons for Students in Art, Technology, and Global Exposure

Sakaraya and ANASAEA have partnered to support students with access to new technology and an international platform. The goal is to shine a spotlight on new talent, allowing international curators, collectors, and art lovers to find new talent and shape the journey of the students.


By using new technology, we hope to democratize access to art and give new opportunities to students. This inaugural project is a pilot where both ANASAEA and Sakarya work hand in hand to create best in class program that can be rolled out to other universities in the future.


Sakarya University, Art Program: Considered one of the largest universities in Turkey with more than 85,000 students, Sakarya University has very high research activity, and its comprehensive graduate program offers doctoral degrees. It hosts five institutes: Educational Sciences, Natural Sciences, Health Sciences, Social Sciences, and Middle East Institute.

Faculty of Fine Arts

Established in 1997, the faculty hosts three departments as Painting, Ceramics and Traditional Turkish Handicrafts.

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