The Best Booths at Zona Maco 2024, From Historical Performances to Showings for Venice Biennale Artists

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Zona Maco, one of Latin America’s largest and most important fairs, opened to VIPs on Wednesday morning. Because of heavy traffic, the first few hours were relatively light in terms of visitors, though the aisles were in full swing by the afternoon. (Trying to get out of the Centro Citibanamex convention center, where the fair is held, on the outskirts of Mexico City was its own journey.) 

Despite its size, the fair is quite manageable in a few hours and the aisles never seem unending, as can be the case with other mega fairs in convention centers. The work on view this year is especially strong, with the added component that visitors can vote for their favorite work at the fair from a shortlist of 20. The winning artist and gallery will receive a $100,000 prize, courtesy of the Erarta Foundation, to split as part of a new initiative to mark the fair’s 20th anniversary.

Below, a look at the best on view at Zona Maco, which runs through February 11.


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