Germán Valles Fernández: Crafting Emotions, Shaping Dreams

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The Genesis of a Visionary

Germán Valles Fernández‘s artistic journey is a testament to the power of heritage and the relentless pursuit of creativity. Born in Durango, Mexico, Fernández was cradled in an environment steeped in artistic tradition, drawing inspiration from his father, a painter who laid the foundation for his son’s passion. This early exposure to the world of art was further enriched by his studies in Mexico and Spain, where he honed his skills and developed a unique artistic voice. Fernández’s career, marked by significant achievements, reflects a dedication to his craft that transcends geographical boundaries. His participation in prestigious exhibitions alongside modern greats in New York City and the creation of the mural “Mother Revolution” in Durango are but highlights in a career brimming with accolades and contributions to the art world. Fernández’s work, characterized by its diversity and depth, explores the human condition through varied themes, making each piece a unique exploration of life’s complexities.

Germán Valles Fernández: A Symphony of Styles and Influences

To encapsulate Germán Valles Fernández’s artistic style in a single definition would be an endeavor in futility, for his work is as varied as it is vibrant. Rejecting the confines of a singular approach, each canvas that Fernández brings to life is a testament to his belief in the uniqueness of every piece. This eclectic style is fueled by an impressive array of influences, from the masterful strokes of Rembrandt to the emotive depth of Lucian Freud, and the atmospheric impressions of Monet. Fernández’s admiration for these legends is not mere reverence but a springboard for his creativity, allowing him to weave a rich tapestry of artistic expression that is both homage and innovation. His exploration of themes, predominantly centered around the human body, serves as a canvas for expressing a wide range of human emotions and narratives, making his work resonate with a diverse audience. The artist’s workspace, filled with the melodies of rock legends like Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones, becomes a sanctuary where inspiration flows freely, undisturbed by the world outside.

A Confluence of Technique and Medium

Germán Valles Fernández’s choice of medium is as deliberate as his brushstrokes, with oil on canvas emerging as his favored conduit for artistic expression. This preference was not arrived at lightly; it was the culmination of experimentation with various mediums, including acrylics, which ultimately left him seeking a richer, more satisfying texture. The tactile quality and depth that oil paints afford Fernández allow him to delve into the intricacies of light and shadow, anatomy, and emotion with unmatched precision and soulfulness. His work “Medusa” stands as a testament to this meticulous approach, where the complexity of the human form is rendered in stunning detail, challenging the artist yet ultimately fulfilling his creative vision. This dedication to his craft is further evidenced in his dream of mural painting, a medium that combines his love for grand narratives with his acute attention to detail, despite the logistical challenges it presents.

The artistic lineage of Germán Valles Fernández is rich with the names of historical giants and personal heroes. From the profound psychological depth of Edvard Munch to the delicate luminosity of Sorolla, each influence weaves its way into Fernández’s work, enriching his palette with a diversity of styles and perspectives. Yet, it is not merely the past that shapes his artistry. Fernández’s work is a dynamic dialogue between tradition and personal exploration, where each piece is a step in an ongoing journey of discovery and expression. This journey is propelled by a deep-seated inspiration to paint, rooted in childhood fascination and nurtured by a career that has seen his work displayed alongside luminaries like Picasso and Joan Miró. His commitment to his art is unwavering, driven by a force that is both personal and universal, making Germán Valles Fernández not just a participant in the art world but a formidable presence within it.

Germán Valles Fernández: Explorations Beyond the Canvas

Beyond the confines of his studio and the stretch of his canvases, Germán Valles Fernández’s impact on the art world is both profound and far-reaching. His involvement in collaborative projects and his role in founding the pictorial collection of the civil association ENTIJUANARTE underscore his commitment to fostering a vibrant community of artists. These endeavors highlight Fernández’s belief in art as a vital form of expression, dialogue, and social engagement, extending his influence beyond the individual to the collective. His exhibitions, whether in the bustling art scene of New York or the historic halls of Durango, are not merely showcases of his talent but invitations to explore the myriad ways in which art intersects with life. Through themes that range from the deeply personal to the universally human, Fernández invites his audience into a world where art is not just seen but experienced, making each exhibition a journey into the heart of human creativity and resilience.

Germán Valles Fernández’s story is one of relentless pursuit, of a vision that transcends the ordinary to touch the extraordinary. His art is a mirror to the soul, reflecting the beauty, complexity, and depth of human experience. Through his hands, the mundane becomes magical, and the silent whispers of inspiration are given form and voice. In the world of Germán Valles Fernández, art is not just a profession; it is a calling, a life lived in vibrant color, bold strokes, and profound emotion.


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