TARTGET Prize | Participate in the International Painting Contest in Madrid

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Hue&Eye is pleased to announce its participation in the jury of the TARTGET Painting Prize, which will hold one of the final prizes of the Artistic Promotion Awards Group under the name of “Hue&Eye prize”.

About TARTGET Painting Prize

TARTGET Painting Prize has been one of the most relevant art competitions internationally since its first edition. This painting contest bursts onto the scene, displaying all the ingredients of a top cultural event: an unparalleled volume of prizes, maximum accessibility for participants, an exceptional and influential jury, a year of social media activation, and the focus provided by one of the great art cities, Madrid. It’s a private event promoting contemporary fine art, to give visibility to artists by fostering their creative production and giving art amateurs, collectors, and galleries a vast content intake. 

Tartget is an exclusive online contest of the duration of twelve months of artistic connection and production. Its core is an international painting competition that ends with an award ceremony gala and a collective exhibition in Madrid. It translates into a whole year of social media coverage by showcasing all the artists joining the competition, and operating as a business card for participating artists. 

Tartget Painting Prize emerges as a global window through which artists of every pictorial style, technique, and relevance can showcase their work. Emerging creators, enthusiasts, professionals, and established artists have the opportunity to present their works on a widely broadcasted platform and, consequently, establish a presence in the market. 

Regarding the mentioned grand final exhibition in Madrid, the display will include 70 works selected by the international jury. From this selection, the three absolute winning paintings, the two finalists in each category, the youth prize, and the remaining awards consisting of materials, promotion, and training will be chosen.

Express yourself on the canvas, where every stroke counts €40.000 in prizes await your masterpiece.

Dates, Deadlines and How to Apply

The launch and flagship event is set for the spring of 2024. Beyond the competition, the organization will promote other events, collaborate with associations, art schools, and artist residencies, and be dedicated to encouraging the momentum of artists and their creations.

TARTGET Painting Prize arises as an international window through which emerging creators, enthusiasts, professionals, or established artists have the chance to present their works on a widely broadcast platform and, consequently, establish a presence in the market. 

Their works will be examined and fairly evaluated by reputable members of the jury and considered for their agendas by collectors of proven prestige. One of these, as mentioned above, will be the “Hue&Eye prize”.

TARTGET Painting Prize’s website provides a space where artists can create their profiles and register their works. They just need to photograph their works (up to three images maximum) and attach the files in JPG format. 

The entry fee for participating in one work is €50, and from the second work onwards, the price is reduced to €30. 

In the young artist category, prices are €35 for the first work and €15 for each additional work.

The registration period ends on March 10, 2025. Then, a prestigious international jury formed by painters, curators, collectors, and gallery owners from five continents will select the 200 finalist works. 

The organization, with the advice of the jury, will decide which finalist works will be featured in the final exhibition, at the prestigious Ateneo de Madrid, where another physical jury composed of renowned painters from the global art and culture scene will award the main prizes included in the competition rules. 

Around 50 paintings will be selected for the exhibition at the Ateneo de Madrid, which will be inaugurated on June 5 and will remain open until the 12th.

Awards and Visibility

One of the great attractions of TARTGET is the visibility that Madrid will give to the artists. No other city brings together three of the world’s most outstanding art galleries in so few meters; and the final exhibition will be located in that golden mile of art, a five-minute walk from the Prado Museum. The exhibition will attract the attention of a substantial audience after the works are revealed in a preview for collectors, sponsors, and entrepreneurs, so they can be acquired.

Of course, the other great value of TARGET is the unparalleled number of prizes it awards. 

More than €40,000 in cash will be distributed among the winners, divided into four main prizes (€12,000 for first place, €6,000 for second place, €4,000 for third place, and €4,000 for the Target Fusion prize), ten additional prizes of €500 each for the first place in each category, and acquisition prizes exceeding €10,000. 

Furthermore, more than forty awards in art materials, training, and promotion valued at over €10,000 will be given out. In total, more than €50,000 in prizes make this competition one of the most important in the world.

The award ceremony will be attended by personalities from the art world, culture, sports, and politics, in addition to numerous media outlets. A unique opportunity to open the doors to success. 

In total, there will be 22 cash prizes, including an award for the best work by an artist under 25 years old.

The organization will also reward winners with a one-week residency at the MAA (Madrid Academy of ART), various recognitions with fine arts materials, and promotion in international art magazines.

The Hue&Eye Award

The prize will consist of a journalistic article for the winner, to be featured in Hue & Eye magazine, valued at €200.

All finalist painters will be eligible for this prize, regardless of the category in which they participated, and even if they are not selected for the final exhibition.

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