What Kind of Art Fits Best with the Belgian Design Style?

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Belgium, a country steeped in rich cultural heritage and artistic contributions, stands at the forefront of furniture design on the global stage. Belgian designers have continuously challenged conventions, reshaping the furniture landscape with their unwavering dedication to craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail, and unbridled innovation.

The design world has its eyes set on Belgium, and for good reason. Rooted in the legacy of Art Nouveau visionaries like Victor Horta and Henry van de Velde, contemporary Belgian designers have emerged as trailblazers in minimalist aesthetics. Here at The Picturalist, we delve into how their clean, muted styles pair beautifully with neutral-colored fine art prints to create compelling interiors.

The Historical Backdrop
Belgium’s design history dates back to the late 19th century, marked by the organic forms and intricate ornamentations of Art Nouveau. This era set the stage for today’s designers who blend form and function, craft sustainable pieces, and redefine the art of living.


Design by Nicolas Schuybroek

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Leading Designers in the Minimalist Arena

Vincent Van Duysen: Known for architectural genius and restrained elegance.
Nicolas Schuybroek: Pioneers in infusing warmth into minimalistic spaces.
Arjaan De Feyter: Excellence in material selection and spatial ingenuity.
Dieter Vander Velpen: Marrying geometric forms with timeless aesthetic.
Nathalie Deboel: Minimalism with a hint of coastal ambiance.

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Spotlight Designers
Axel Vervoordt : Renowned globally, his designs serve as an expression of the soul.
Stephanie Laperre: Once part of Van Duysen’s team, she brings her unique perspective through her firm Daskal Laperre with Daphne Daskal.

Jim Dierckx is an Antwerp-based interior design firm with nearly nine years of experience that promises to revolutionise your view of simple and cosy interior design. That’s right: this interior design team stands for design like no other, always keeping in mind the tastes and needs of their clients.
orien Cooreman: Her Moka Projects studio exudes understated luxury, perfect for framed open edition prints.


Residence by Nathalie Deboel

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The Picturalist Perspective
Belgian interior design offers a perfect canvas for wall art for interior design. At The Picturalist, we provide framed art prints and decorative art made by licensed artists that align with this minimalist ethos. The beauty lies in the harmony between the designers’ aesthetics and wall art for your home, particularly in neutral tones.

Belgium’s minimalist interior design forms a sublime backdrop for the curated art collections offered by The Picturalist. Be it fine art prints or framed open edition prints, the synergy is undeniable.



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Bathroom by Dieter Van Der Velpen


Further Reading
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