Witchcraft! The Best Art Featuring Witches

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Hello, magical beings!

Today, we’re diving into the intriguing world of witches in art. From pointy hats and broomsticks to spellbinding enchantresses, witch-related art has… bewitched us throughout the centuries. In this post, we’ll share some of the most inspiring witch depictions along with a brief history.

Buckle up – it’s going to be a spelltacular ride!

From Divine to Sinister to Sensational: The Evolution of Witches in Art

The earliest depictions of witches—or those associated with witchcraft—were often shown more as divine or mystical figures than menacing ones. An example is the ancient Greek goddess Hecate, who was linked to magic, witchcraft, necromancy and ghosts.

However, in the Middle Ages and the infamous European witch trials, the image began to twist into something more ominous. Witches became typically depicted as grotesque figures with Satanic connections.

The first portrayal of witches on broomsticks can be traced back to an illustrated manuscript of “Le Champion des Dames” a 1451 poem by French writer Martin Le Franc.

first drawing of a witch

As societal views shifted over time, so did the portrayal of witches in art. They transformed from a symbol of evil to an embodiment of empowerment and independence.

Also, they got a lot sexier.

The Best Witch-Inspired Art

These days you can find an endless variety of witch depictions. There’s everything from the haggard medieval style, the nature-themed wiccan style, the flirty pin-up style and cutesy student witches.

Here are our picks for the best witch art that has us absolutely spellbound:

The Magic Circle by John William Waterhouse 1886
Witches’ Sabbath (Goya, 1798)
Witches Going to Their Sabbath, Luis Ricardo Falero 1878
taschen book of witchestaschen book of witches

Want more witch art?

You might enjoy Witchcraft, from Taschen’s Library of Esoterica series. It features over 400 witch-related artworks!

The Witch, 1882 (Oil on Canvas), by Luis Ricardo Falero
The Sorceress by Georges Merle – 1883
KILART (choe, heonhwa)
Sara Kipin
Luca Xu
Valera Lutfullina
Lyra the Lavender Witch
Wicked Witch of the West painting by Gina Fote

What About Witchtober?

If you’re feeling inspired to create some witchy art of your own, you might want to join the Witchtober drawing challenge. Witchtober is a month-long art event that takes place in October where artists of all skills and styles create a witch-themed artwork every day.

The concept is simple: each day, you draw, paint, or digitally create a witch-oriented illustration, then share your magical creation with the world. There are many Witchtober prompt lists to help you get started.

The Final Spell

Witches in art have come a long way, transforming from dreaded brides of Satan into symbols of power and mystique. This range of depictions reflects not only societal evolution but also the versatility of art.

Remember, as they say in the witchy world, art is the most potent form of magic. Until next time, keep your cauldrons bubbling and your pencils sketching!


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