5 NFT Artists of 2023 You Should Follow

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5 NFT Artists of 2023 it is worth following

There are many NFT Artists of 2023 to mention, but as the year is ending, fellows of the NFT space look forward to a vast assortment of unique art from some of Web3’s most noteworthy creators.

The following is a selection of NFT artists we believe caused an impact in 2023.

These NFT Artists of 2023 are creators from disparate sectors of the NFT market to help readers diversify their social feeds over the next year, and each is a creator of culture that deserves to be recognized.

Cath Simard

Cath Simard is a Canadian-born photographer, digital artist and a central figure in the NFT community. One of the most prominent artists in NFT photography, she’s now almost entirely focused on NFTs.

Simard blends reality and imagination in her landscape composites. Collectors instantly recognize her aesthetic – surreal, cold, blue, mountain nights. Her innovative style and willingness to take bold risks are a result of her desire to be unique. 

A self-professed introvert, Cath feels she produces her best work when she’s alone in the mountains.

To create a single image, she’s walked as much as 250 kilometers, trekked 18 days in the mountains and shot at an elevation as high as 5,900 meters. Due to her lengthy creative process, Cath only creates and releases 5-7 images a year.

She created the world’s first image to have its rights released after its 1/1 NFT sale on the blockchain: #freehawaiiphoto. As one of the top NFT artists in the world, Simard has continued to advocate for fair compensation and recognition for artists while also using her imaginative composite images to raise environmental awareness. Having been auctioned off by both Sotheby’s and Christie’s in 2022, she is surely poised to continue her admirable mission over the next year.

Daniel Isles (Dirty Robot)

Daniel Isles is a UK born illustrator based in Hokkaido, Japan. His preferred tools are pencil and ink, which allow him to create clean lines in a unique style.

He is deeply inspired by eastern and western cultures, that he combines to great effect to create highly original pieces. The focus of his work often depicts characters wearing interestingly-cool attire in moments of time. There is also a sense of spirituality about them and the world they inhabit.

He continues achieving sizeable sales throughout the entire year with his own 1/1s, making him a definite one to follow in 2023.


Emonee LaRussa

Emonee LaRussa, a 27-year-old digital artist from Sacramento, California, made visuals for Kanye West, Ty Dolla $ign, and the Internet. Today, her colorful, psychedelic animations are part of the GRAMMYS x OneOf NFT partnership.

You might recognize her from her YouTube channel, her Emmy Award-winning animation, or the excellent tutorial she did for some online MoGraph school. Emonee is also the founder and CEO of Pamanama Studios LLC., an animation studio specializing in music visuals by diverse digital artists, specifically artists of color.

Grant Yun

Grant Yun is a man of many hats.

Despite being a medical student by day and a break dancer by night, the Milwaukee resident has managed to make his mark on the digital art market with six-figure sales and auctions at Christie’s and Sotheby’s. His Neo-Precisionist artwork frequently explores landscapes and scenery native to the Midwest and has become instantly recognizable in the NFT space.

In 2022, Grant Yun emerged as somewhat of a poster child for fine art NFTs. While he insists that his entrance into the NFT space was somewhat of a leap of faith, his Neo-Precisionist style continues to stand out in the now PFP-saturated NFT market. 

Markus Magnusson

In the same vein as Bad Robot, the 2022 PFP market would’ve been nothing without digital artist and animator Markus Magnusson. Known professionally as Motion Markus, his slick, clean animation style has garnered hundreds of thousands of fans across social media. Although his 1/1s consistently fetch a pretty penny, Magnusson is best known in the NFT space as the creator of the popular large-scale generative avatar collection Invisible Friends. With his new project Garbage Friends on the horizon, his sway within the PFP NFT market has only seemed to increase, prompting countless imitators to follow in his footsteps.



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